Mystic Maid Cleaning Cloth


Mystic Maid Cleaning Cloth

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Easy to use Mystic Maid, does the work for you! The original all-purpose microfiber cleaning cloth. Clean all hard surfaces to a streak-free brilliance, without chemicals. This Original Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, is constructed from a patented nylon/polyester fabric, originally developed for Clean Room applications in the semi-conductor industry. The cloth is made of soft woven microfibers that are split many times to create a dramatically increased surface area with millions of tiny hooks and channels. For best results, use damp to clean glass, mirrors, and tile to a streak-free brilliance without chemicals. The handy 7″ X 7″ Personal Size is ideal for cleaning eyeglasses (including plastic lenses), CDs, DVDs, computers, photography equipment. Whether its the full-size for big jobs or the Personal Size for smaller tasks, you?ll agree Mystic Maid is The Cloth That Does The Cleaning For You! Apple Green and Port Red.

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