Envision HOME Fridge Bin Liners


Envision HOME Fridge Bin Liners

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Absorbs Excess Moisture Cut to Fit Reversible Machine Washable Eliminate the messes left behind in the refrigerator from sticky jars, dripping cartons, fruits and vegetables with the Envision Homeā„¢ Fridge Bin Liners! Line the various areas inside the refrigerator with this unique liner and make life easier with less clean-up. Use the Fridge Bin Liners in the bottom of the fruit and vegetable drawers to help retain crispness while allowing air to circulate. Cut them to fit door trays to prevent sticky jelly rings. Line a shelf to absorb drops from milk, juice and wine bottles. Absorbs excess moisture from drawers, trays and shelves Keeps areas in the refrigerator cleaner Reversible; use print side up or plain white Cut to fit; includes three 12 in. x 24 in. liners Machine washable and reusable

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