Envision HOME Cookware Guards


Envision HOME Cookware Guards

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The Envision Homeā„¢ Cookware Guards prevent pots, pans, bakers, and serving bowls from scratching and chipping when stored nested together. The unique shape and non-slip backing provide ideal coverage when stacking items for storage. # Protect your pots and pans from scratching and marring # Use between serving bowls to prevent chips and scratches # Prevent glass bowls and bakeware from “locking” together # Non-slip texture helps keep items from shifting when stored # Flexible polyester cushion protects inside and out # Asterisk design provides complete coverage with versatility # Contains two 16 in. diameter and one 20 in. diameter Cookware Guards Directions Place appropriately sized Cookware Guard inside clean cookware, glassware, or serve ware. Nest smaller article on top to prevent scratching, marring, chipping and “locking” together. Care For best results, wipe with damp cloth as needed. Not dishwasher or washing machine safe. Caution The Cookware Guards should not be used as a pot holder, oven mitt, or hot pad.

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