Charles Viancin Timber 5 Piece Cutting Board Set


Charles Viancin Timber 5 Piece Cutting Board Set

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Charles Viancin Timber 5 Piece Cutting Board Set

Designed in the French Alps near Lake Annecy by designer Charles Viancin, the new Timber Multifunctional Boards can be used as a cutting board, trivet, bowl stabilizer or sink draining mat. With an integral anti-slip silicone base, it has many day to day uses to help around the kitchen. It comes with 4 removable cutting sheets which are color coded by food type to avoid bacterial cross contamination and the transfer of odors. The thin cutting sheets are easy to store with a flexible design ideal for transferring food to pans and bowls. The anti-slip silicone board helps to stabilize bowls as you mix or whip ingredients. Able to withstand temperatures up to 220ºC/428F these anti-slip boards can also be used as a trivet to protect surfaces.

With a unique design which allows water to drain, the silicone stabilizing board becomes a rack for your sink, protecting the sink base and allowing water to easily drain away protecting dishes from damage.

Measurements 14”x 11” All Charles Viancin Silicone products are safe at temperatures +220°C and dishwasher safe. They will never tarnish or lose color.

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